Arredamento classico ed elegante: il mobilio senza tempo

Classic and elegant furnishings: timeless furniture

What are the main characteristics of furniture classic and elegant that never go out of fashion?

The classic and elegant furniture is a style of design that stands out for its timeless beauty. This kind of furniture is designed to last a long time, withstanding the test of years and always remain fashionable.

The clean and essential lines are the main feature distinctive of classic furnishings. Classic furniture is generally made of solid wood, such as cherry or maple, and have straight lines with rich details, such as carvings and inlays. The traditional colors used for accessories in this style of furniture are usually neutral, such as brown, beige, gold or cream, although some pieces may feature shades bolder ones like burgundy or blue.

Classic furniture is characterized by tapered legs and Ornamental handles that add a touch of elegance to any space. Experts also recommend adding print-free fabrics with a Rich texture to complement the classic style. Compared to other styles of furnishings, decorative elements are carefully chosen to maintain the general harmony of the space. Classic accessories can include paintings with gold or silver frames, blown glass vases and ornaments in antique metal or silver.

The classic and elegant decor can transform any environment in a welcoming and refined place. If selected carefully, classic pieces of furniture will never go out of fashion and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Furnish the living room in an elegant classic style

To furnish a living room in a classic and elegant style some key elements cannot be missing: lighting, a beautiful one flooring and furniture that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For regarding lighting, opt for chandeliers with crystals or for pendant lamps that give the living room a touch of elegance. A dark wooden flooring will give the room a more traditional air; self instead you prefer something more modern, you can use some tiles in light or metallic shades, such as copper or brass.

As for furniture, opt for pieces with lines classic and elegant such as sofas with inlaid details, armchairs of velvet or decorated fabric and coffee tables with wrought iron feet. Also, add some shabby chic touches with elements like a fire pit laptop or an old antique mirror will give the living room that hint of extra style.

Complete the design with rugs in neutral tones and colors pastel on the walls and you will have a classic and elegant living room to proudly display to all guests!

Furnish the bedroom in an elegant classic style

The classic bedroom will also be elegant if you will insert elements such as beds and wardrobes in solid wood, with clean lines and classic. A headboard with carved patterns and artistic designs can be combined with furniture in neutral tones such as beige or anthracite grey. For create a cozier atmosphere, add luxury fabrics such as velvet or brocade. An excellent choice is velvet curtains with gold edges. Complements such as a large mirror, a magical chandelier, decorative cushions in warm shades, woolen throws and richly ornamented draperies will contribute to give the room a classic and elegant charm. To complete the decor, add some decorative accessories such as framed photos, flower vases fresh, scented candles and mirrors with carved frames. Choose precious materials such as porcelain or glass vases for conferring a touch of timeless elegance to the environment.

What are the main characteristics of the classic style?

To ensure your home has a classic style elegant , it is important to keep a few key elements in mind. The first is the simplicity. The classic style is based on simple and essential lines, not it requires superfluous details that can weigh down the environment. Any piece of furniture you choose, whether it is a sofa or a wardrobe, it must be minimalist and clean.

Another important element for a classic style is the choice of colours. The ideal palette includes neutral shades such as white, gold and beige, but also more intense shades such as blues, reds and yellows clearer. It is recommended to combine them with natural fabrics such as canvas or linen for give the environment a refined and elegant appearance.

Finally, the classic style requires to be enriched with furniture and accessories with classic shapes. A classic sofa model will have strong lines on the backrest and squared or rounded armrests. Him too accessories must follow this line: lamps with round or square shapes, solid wood tables with squared legs and chairs with crafted backs they are all ideal elements for creating an elegant classic style .


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