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Interior design

Interior design is a process that requires certainty preparation and competence. It is essential to understand how to move within an apartment to be furnished, in order to obtain maximum potential that space offers. In this article, we will see how the design develops for interior furnishing and how the solutions can be adapted design depending on the type of furniture chosen.

The phases of interior design design

Interior design can be divided into different phases:

· Analysis of spaces and materials: The first phase consists in the analysis of the spaces and materials of the apartment. The interior designer must visit the apartment to take measurements and study the layout of walls, windows, doors and sockets electrical and light points. In this way, we can define a seedling that allows you to identify the areas of the apartment and decide where position the various furnishing elements.

· Definition of style and concept: The second phase consists in defining the style and concept of the apartment. This step is essential to identify the mood and the style you want to give to the house, as well as to define the guidelines of the project. In this phase the interior designer must deal with the customer, to understand his needs and aesthetic tastes.

· Design of spaces and solutions design: The third phase is that of designing the spaces and the design solutions. In this phase the interior designer develops one or more layout of the apartment, where the location and dimensions are defined of the various furnishing elements. It is important that each environment is functional and harmonious, so as to ensure optimal use of the spaces.

· Project implementation and coordination works: The last phase consists in the realization of the project and in coordination of works. In this phase the interior designer coordinates the work of the various craftsmen, such as carpenters, painters, electricians and plumbers, for guarantee the construction of the apartment according to the initial project.

Possibility of furnishing depending on the chosen style

Depending on the chosen style, the furnishings of the apartment it can be different. Let's see some design solutions for the main styles of furniture.

Modern furniture

The modern style is characterized by essential lines and shapes geometric shapes and innovative materials. In a stylishly furnished apartment modern, it is possible to use furniture with essential lines, in wood, metal or glass, or use minimalist design solutions. To create a modern environment, you can choose neutral colors such as white, black, gray and beige, combined with bright shades such as yellow, orange and green. In this case, it is important to pay attention to arrangement of furnishing elements, so as to create a harmonious environment and functional. You can also use furnishing accessories such as carpets, cushions and paintings to personalize the environment.

Classic furnishings

The classic style is characterized by sinuous shapes, fine materials and elegant finishes. In a stylishly furnished apartment classic, you can use solid wood furniture, such as sideboards, tables and chairs, combined with fine fabrics such as silk and velvet. For create a classic environment, you can use colors such as beige, brown and green, combined with pastel shades such as pink and light blue. In this case, it is important to create a warm and welcoming environment by using also fabrics for curtains and cushions.

How to move inside an apartment to be furnished

To move inside an apartment to be furnished, it is It is important to follow some fundamental rules:

· Evaluate the customer's needs and tastes: The The first thing to do is evaluate the customer's needs and tastes, to understand what are your expectations and desires. It is important to create a dialogue constant with the customer, to understand his needs and suggest solutions more suitable.

· Studying the layout of spaces: The second what to do is to study the layout of the spaces, to understand how to use them the areas of the apartment to the fullest. It is important to create a functional project and harmonious, which takes into account the needs of the customer and the layout of furnishing elements.

· Use quality materials and finishes: The third thing to do is to use quality materials and finishes, which guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality result. It is important to choose resistant and easy to maintain materials, to guarantee a result lasting over time.

· Personalize the environment: The fourth thing to do to do is to personalize the environment, using furnishing accessories and objects decorations that reflect the customer's taste and style. In this way, yes it can create a unique and personalized environment that reflects your personality of the customer.


Interior design is a complex process that requires specific skills and great attention to the details. It is important to evaluate the customer's needs and tastes and study the layout of the spaces and use quality materials and finishes. Personalizing the environment with furnishing accessories and decorative objects is a another fundamental element for creating a unique and personalized environment. The interior designer must work in synergy with the client to create an environment that reflects his personality and is functional and harmonious.

In this article we have seen how it develops interior design, offering two furnishing options (minimalist and classic) and showing how to move within a apartment to furnish. The main goal of interior design is to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing and personalized environment that reflects the tastes and needs of the customer.

To conclude, interior design is an in continuous evolution, which requires specific and great skills creativity. Choosing a professional in the sector can make the difference for obtain a high quality result, which is in line with the expectations of customer.


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