Come arredare con il lampadario moderno

How to decorate with the modern chandelier

Home lighting is often taken for granted, but it is not easy to give the right brightness to each room and position the chandeliers and lamps in the right room and in the correct way. A delicate aspect is, for example, style. Chandeliers are non-secondary furnishing accessories and as such must be chosen based on the style of the house or at least the environment in which they will be placed. A modern chandelier is clearly better defined in a modern furnishing context, but if its lines are simple and regular it cannot be ruled out that even a modern chandelier can be integrated into a more classic and rigorous context, as long as it is not baroque.

Choosing the chandelier to furnish your home

From the moment of purchase it is necessary to clarify the ideas on how to choose the chandelier. In particular, if you are oriented towards a modern chandelier it is worth finding out about the various types, styles and materials through web searches. There are modern chandeliers with crystals and decorations, or very simple suspension chandeliers, with contemporary lines. The category of modern chandelier also includes ceiling lights whose choice, however, depends on the spaces and the "sense of welcome" that you want to convey upon entering your home. In fact, suspended chandeliers confer much more welcome and "warmth" towards the guest than ceiling lights or spotlights, which, despite being very "modern" and illuminating very well, sometimes risk creating an office-like or aseptic environment and impersonal.

Another element to evaluate when choosing a modern or classic chandelier is the size. An imposing chandelier placed in a room that is too small, in addition to creating a sense of disproportion, also instills a sense of oppression by failing to correctly exploit its light. However, there is a kind of "formula" to calculate the right size of the chandelier in relation to the environment in which it will be placed. Simply add the length and width of the room and from the sum obtained (in metres), double it (in centimeters) to approximately calculate the minimum diameter of the chandelier: for example a room measuring 8 by 6 metres, the sum of the sides is 14 meters, double 14 is 28 and twenty-eight centimeters will be approximately the ideal diameter of the new chandelier.

The choice of materials

In the common imagination, the chandelier is mainly made of "crystal". Modern chandeliers, in addition to having different shapes and styles, can be made in the widest range of materials: from wood to fabric, from metallic steel chandeliers for an industrial chic style to colored glass or with plastic domes. More and more often, the same light bulbs made in unusual shapes and colors fulfill the role of modern pendant chandeliers. The materials, more than any other aspect of the chandelier, must coordinate well with the design of the house or individual room. However, the "shock" effect can also be part of the furnishing game, using a modern tubular and minimal chandelier as a light point to illuminate a neutral environment where the visual pivot is represented by the chandelier itself.

In fact, one of the possibilities offered by a modern chandelier is that of changing the rules and standards and being able to be placed in positions other than the "center" of the ceiling. This choice must, however, be supported by contemporary furnishings, with lively lines that allow the light point to be placed even in a corner or to the side as long as the lighting of the room is not penalized. For this purpose, we can hypothesize the choice of a decentralized suspension chandelier, but with branches that favor the direction of multiple light points as desired in the room. Decentralized chandeliers sometimes also represent an original way to add elegance to the environment to be illuminated.

The positioning

Even when the chandelier is the protagonist of the room, it is important that it does not "compete" with other furnishings or other light points such as lamps or wall lights. Furthermore, to allow it to carry out its correct lighting function, it must not be surrounded by furniture that dominates it, oppressing its brightness, nor by elements that distract attention from the light point when this represents the strong point of the room. The modern chandelier needs to occupy a starring space and have a visual and decorative impact even when it is turned off.


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