Divano letto: come gestirlo negli spazi stretti

Sofa bed: how to manage it in tight spaces

The sofa bed is naturally a space-saving and optimizing piece of furniture. In small apartments, the sofa bed is a versatile complement that can make a small environment equally comfortable and fashionable, which cannot be renounced. The solutions available on the market today are surprising because they offer absolute comfort, practicality and with the most varied designs to be integrated into the home environment whether in a modern, classic, contemporary or minimal style. Small spaces for compact sofa beds and for maximum comfort and style.

How to choose a sofa bed

The first rule for directing your choice towards purchasing a sofa bed is simplicity . As in all things, the simpler a piece of furniture is, the more versatile and adaptable it is to any environment. The principle of communicative effectiveness based on " less is more " also applies to furnishing choices, especially when spaces are limited and liveability cannot be given up. A small sofa bed (or at least the necessary ones) and with a simple design is a passe-partout. Overly decorated sofa beds can make the room seem even smaller and cluttered.

Another useful secret to apply when choosing a sofa bed lies in managing the spaces , without sacrificing aesthetics. A dormeuse sofa bed, for example, can be used as it is without the need to open it, for a single person (if necessary it opens and becomes a double bed, thanks to very comfortable and practical extractable systems). A dormeuse sofa bed is the ideal solution for attic rooms, because when placed under the attic roof they do not take up space, follow the line of the room and are functional.

For those who live in a studio apartment, the secret is in the positioning of the sofa bed. Despite having little space to manage, a sofa bed placed with the back facing the kitchen serves to divide the rooms and create a sort of rationalization of the spaces and divide the living and sleeping areas from the living area, albeit in a single environment. Therefore, the secret is not giving up the comfort of a spacious sofa bed, but knowing how to use the spaces well which also means having creativity and a bit of intuition. Whether for yourself or for guests, it is always better to opt for a sofa bed that is functional without having to open it, but simply by moving the cushions and - if necessary - it can be opened to comfortably accommodate even two guests, with minimal effort and few travel.

Sofa beds with modern and essential lines are very helpful in terms of functionality and practicality, without sacrificing design or comfort. There are very convincing models with 5 interchangeable armrests, a retractable backrest and simplified opening systems. Some have convenient retractable compartments to store cushions and everything in the smallest possible space.

The styles of sofa beds

Who says that a sofa bed can't make a room - even a small one - a romantic and comfortable refuge? An elegant sofa bed, with simple lines, but at the same time large and comfortable which is perfectly "disguised" as a lounge to be placed in a small living room, performs its dual function best by giving the room a sense of space and order.

Colors make the difference: from the timeless white or cream to the colors and fabrics that reflect the style and colors of the rest of the furnishings. You can also play with the "contrast" of colors, always with a lot of sagacity and intuition.

For attics and attic floors, the choice of a sofa bed is almost obligatory, but without sacrificing comfort by choosing a small sofa, it is sufficient to opt for sofa beds that have sliding openings and are not too high. abundant to be able to fit right under the inclined surface and gain as much space as possible for the rest of the furniture: in 42 m2 you can create a kitchen (not just the hob) with a space for the laundry, bathroom and a study stay. In these cases, the best thing is to take advantage of the niches and equipped walls where the sofa bed is included and incorporated into the equipped wall.


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