Idee e consigli per arredare una cucina piccola

Ideas and advice for furnishing a small kitchen

Ideas and advice for furnishing a small kitchen

The real estate market has changed a lot in recent years and with it, so has the type of homes buyers are looking for. Our way of conceiving a home has transformed, favoring airy and bright environments, such as living rooms, and transforming kitchens into simple food processing areas.

It is not easy to furnish a small and uncomfortable kitchen.

However difficult its design is, the small dimensions of a kitchen test the creativity of architects, always looking for intelligent solutions. Solutions that focus not only on functionality, but also on the beauty of the room.

To achieve this, attention to particular detail is required, a timely design of all the spaces so that you have everything at hand without creating a chaotic and messy environment.

If in the halls of department furniture stores we are used to huge kitchens, with extra-large furnishings and appliances, the reality is quite different. This is why we find ourselves in difficulty and have no ideas for managing and furnishing a small kitchen.

Let's see together some ideas and some tips for making the most of this type of environment.

Pastel shades and studied lights

A small space survives and is reborn thanks to the right lights and the right colors. For lighting you need to know how to understand natural light and accompany it with artificial light. We observe the room during the day and in the evening and evaluate where the light falls to avoid places in the shade that increase the sense of narrowness and narrowness.

Going into details, floor lamps should certainly be avoided for reasons of space, while we must aim for pendant lamps or wall sconces, even at the same time to create plays of light.

We exploit surfaces and their different ways of reflecting light, starting also from the choice of furniture and colour.

The rule is that warm colors give a feeling of closeness, while cold ones give more space. If we don't want walls and furniture with colors that are too neutral and unfamiliar, we can head towards pastel colors, which are always a great idea in a small kitchen.

Let's take advantage of the height space

To furnish a small kitchen, we need all the useful surfaces, which is why making use of the height is essential. Depending on the height of the ceiling, we can use more or less high wall units and study the arrangement of the objects as best as possible, so as to place the least used ones at the top.

In some cases, in addition to closed wall units we can use exposed shelves and shelves. Even if they may seem inelegant and a possible receptacle for dust, the use of non-closed elements gives a more airy perception of the environment.

To organize objects or the pantry we should follow some precautions so as not to make everything seem haphazard, such as using jars for loose foods, such as biscuits, salt, pasta, coffee, etc.

We use multifunctional furniture and foldable tables

Narrow spaces require narrow furniture, especially if we want to furnish a small kitchen and make it functional and pretty. By using furniture that hides multiple functions and can contain many tools, we will be able to achieve our goal. Thanks to the advent of increasingly smaller spaces, we can find many ad hoc solutions for small environments or use custom-made furniture.

Ad hoc designed furniture can contain drawers, appliances, wall units, in smaller spaces than normal or transform into tables and worktops.

Thanks to this type of solution, even in the smallest kitchens it is possible to provide tables or shelves for a quick breakfast, or simply for handling food. In fact, it is possible to find retractable or folding tables of every size and need.

For example, some walls that are difficult to furnish inside a small kitchen can be used to hang folding tables with folding chairs to leave plenty of space when not in use.

In conclusion, as difficult as it is to furnish a small kitchen, by using creativity and relying on skilled craftsmen and architects, it will be possible to transform a narrow space into a beautiful place in the house to live in.


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