Lampadari a sospensione: come illuminare con stile ogni ambiente

Pendant chandeliers: how to illuminate any room with style

Lighting an environment correctly enhances the room and creates the ideal atmosphere you want to give. The light points in a house give character, style and elegance. The lighting systems are many and different; every type of lighting can highlight the qualities of a room as well as furnish it with taste and be functional. One of the most widespread lighting systems is ceiling lighting with pendant chandeliers . It is the most used type to illuminate and decorate the ceiling. There are various types, models and materials, each for the environment in which they will be placed.

The hanging chandeliers. Characteristics

The suspended chandelier is recognizable because it is equipped with a cable that is fixed to the ceiling and a support for the lamp that remains suspended in space. The length of the cable is adjustable depending on the height of the ceiling or the type of light intensity you want to infuse into the room. The right position of the chandelier also depends on the size of the room: the larger the room, the higher you need to position the pendant chandelier to ensure the greatest possible diffusion of light and avoid leaving shadow areas. Furthermore, if the room is particularly large (living room, large room, open environment) we also recommend choosing a chandelier of equally large size capable of enhancing, illuminating well and in turn embellishing the room.

Sometimes - especially in the "industrial" furnishing style - the function of the pendant chandelier is to illuminate a particular area of ​​the room, such as the dining table in the kitchen or dining room. This is necessary because the light must never bother the diners too much and must point downwards. For this purpose there are suitable models with the right lamps. The convenience of pendant chandeliers is that they are versatile and adaptable to circumstances: if, for example, the attachment of the chandelier is placed in one point, but you want to place it elsewhere, simply move the cable where you prefer, fix it with a nail and the problem is solved.

Fabric pendant chandeliers: the news

Fabric pendant chandeliers are very pleasant both from an aesthetic point of view and for their color rendering. These are not just lamps with thick or brocade textures along the lines of lampshades, but rather real works of design, with fringes, transparencies and chromatic effects of great impact. The suspended fabric chandeliers allow light to shine through the textures, creating interesting plays of light and shadow and creating an even more intimate atmosphere and a softer and more intense light at the same time. However, they must be well coordinated with the furnishings of the room and be "motivated" in the context. The more or less precious fabrics make the light stand out whether it is LED, warm or cold, the room will still acquire an enveloping tone. A fabric pendant chandelier should be placed next to it and combined with the colors of the curtains, cushions or other furnishing accessories. The most used fabrics that also resist the heat of light bulbs better are linen, cotton, silk and hemp. Fabrics that are also very versatile and can be molded into different shapes and styles. Cleaning fabric pendant lights is not as difficult as you think and they quickly look like new again after cleaning. For a home with great personality, beautiful personalized pendant chandeliers can be created to give a touch of class, style and uniqueness. Among the suspended chandeliers in functional and aesthetic fabric at the same time there are: chandeliers in sound-absorbing fabric and in stretch fabric:

Discover the pendant chandeliers

    1. Chandeliers in sound-absorbing fabric : they have a double function, that of furnishing by infusing a particular light based on the fabric, but also that of containing and muffling noises in the home. Therefore, in addition to being aesthetically valuable, they are also useful in combating noise pollution at home or in crowded places. The sound-absorbing base covering is insulating felt or ecological felt, but there are also other fabrics suitable as sound-absorbing. The main brands, however, create models that match a modern or minimal furnishing style that can adapt to all home, work or public environments, as long as they are not excessively "classic".
    2. Chandeliers in stretch fabric : they are very particular, but adapt to any shape and to the artistic ingenuity of the designer. They give the room a touch of originality, the ceiling is embellished with chromatic effects and abstract shapes. Among the most common models are suspension chandeliers made of stretch fabric on light metal structures. Although these chandeliers are commonly combined with basic style furnishings, they are also well suited to classic or very classic furnishing contexts because they convey a very refined appearance to the environment, obviously in the shapes and colors suitable to enhance the room.

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