Poltrone da camera: come scegliere in base a stili, modelli e materiali

Bedroom armchairs: how to choose based on styles, models and materials

Bedroom armchairs are a furnishing accessory undoubtedly useful and decorative at the same time. The choice of model, of style and materials largely depends on the style of the room where it will be placed and the space, as well as its use. Be it for relaxation or as support for loungewear or for studying, the characteristic The main feature of a bedroom armchair is essentially comfort and practicality. To purchase the armchair model that best suits you own needs, it is therefore necessary to consider a series of "parameters" in order to make the best choice.

Guide to choosing a bedroom armchair

An armchair can become the furnishing accessory on which to spend the most of one's time and therefore necessarily be comfortable, robust and resistant over time, but can also be a simple design element for fill a dead corner of the house. The possibility should not be ruled out that can be as aesthetically beautiful as it is comfortable.

A first element of discernment for choosing the bedroom armchair is, therefore, the position based on the use that will be made of it: element decorative or functional? The choice also determines its characteristics. A bedroom armchair must match the furniture and generic style of furniture even if it is increasingly fashionable to furnish the house with stylish objects and different colors to give a touch of "personality" to the rooms. AND matter of taste. Given that the armchairs look good in any room of the home, from the study to the hallway, above all to the bedroom, what matters is that it is comfortable and welcoming.

What are the main styles and models on the market

Based on function and personal taste, there are different styles of bedroom armchairs from vintage to ultra-modern and futuristic designs, with or without armrests, with reclining or rigid backrest, with padding or simple.:

  • Modern armchair : it's a style which prevails in home furnishings. Linear, simple, effective, without decorations, with clear geometric lines and bold colours. The modern style it is also very versatile and goes well with all types of pre-existing furniture in the home. It can well be said that the armchair modern has become a "cult" or a "classic" of furniture both for receiving guests who want to spend their free time comfortably, as well as also be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Scandinavian style armchair : perhaps thanks to Ikea, the Scandinavian style - also in relation to bedroom armchairs - has found much success everywhere for that right balance between functionality, aesthetics and comfort. They fit in any environment and with most furnishing styles, including country chic and vintage.

  • Armchair with legs : it is a classic “evergreen”. A comfortable seat that matches both sofas and as a unique piece to place in a room. Elegant, functional, comfortable and practice allows the undisputed advantage of being able to easily clean the floor without being moved; an element of practicality not to be underestimate in both small and spacious environments.

  • Designer armchair : lovers of designer labels and furnishing accessories bordering on the work of art they find in designer armchairs the ideal solution to give style and character to the home. Artistic armchairs are often very comfortable and diligently designed, contrary to common thinking.

  • Armchair with reclining backrest : it is the ideal choice for those looking for maximum comfort knowing that there he will spend most of his free time comfortably lying down.

  • Armchair with footrest : usually combined with the reclining backrest (but not obvious) is the armchair with footrest, ideal for those who carry out jobs that require remain on your feet for hours and who require adequate rest and reactivate microcirculation at the end of the day.

The materials

The materials they are made with deserve a separate mention made bedroom armchairs and which influence the choice of style and personal taste, as well as practicality. The armchairs are mainly made with wooden or metal structures and leather coverings (real or synthetic) or fabric. Anyone who lives with pets or children small children should preferably prefer fabric coverings removable and washable cover, since the leather is more "delicate" to treat and to maintain. Leather armchairs are also more suitable for a classic environment, retro, but they are also the most sought after because they are the armchairs par excellence they define a “home”. It's a matter of taste and practicality: they exist in I sell eco-leather coverings, removable and washable. The armchairs in leather with metal structures give a contemporary touch to the environment. The fabric, brocade or velvet armchairs with feet are perfect, instead, for bedrooms combined with classic furnishings, but for theirs elegant simplicity they match perfectly even in a contemporary environment and minimal.


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