Progettazione Arredo Soggiorno In Stile Classico e Neoclassico

Living room furniture design in classic and neoclassical style

The design of the living room furniture plays a role fundamental role in the aesthetic and functional aspect of this important area of the House. Two furnishing styles that stand out for their elegance and refinement are the classic and the neoclassical. Although they share some similar characteristics, they also have notable differences that make them unique. In this article, we will explore the peculiarities of both styles, highlighting what makes them distinct and fascinating.

The Classic Style

The design of living room furniture in style classic in living room furnishings is inspired by shapes, details and to the proportions of ancient Greece and Rome. This style is characterized by a sumptuous atmosphere, full of elegance and charm. Some of the elements Distinctive features of the classic style include:

· Fine wood furniture: In the living room in style classic, the furniture is made of high quality woods such as mahogany, walnut or cherry tree. These furniture are distinguished by their curvilinear shapes, inlays decorative and hand-sculpted details.

· Warm, rich colors: The predominant colors in the classic style they are warm shades such as beige, ivory, brown and They. These colors create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the living room.

· Elegant fabrics: The fabrics used in the Classic style are of high quality and feature elaborate patterns such as damasks, brocades or velvets. These fabrics are often used for curtains, carpets, sofas and armchairs, giving the living room a sumptuous appearance.

· Decorative details: The classic style yes stands out for the decorative details that embellish the rooms. These can include decorative frames for mirrors and paintings, chandeliers in crystal, appliques and sculptures.

· Symmetry and balance: The arrangement of furnishings in the classic living room follow a principle of symmetry and balance. THE furniture is arranged in an orderly and balanced way, creating an environment harmonious and orderly.

The Neoclassical Style

The design of living room furniture in style neoclassical is a reinterpretation of the classic, born during the period of Neoclassical Renaissance in the 18th century. This style is inspired by art and to the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, but adds a touch of modernity. Here are some of the main characteristics of the neoclassical style:

· Clean and sober lines: In the living room in style neoclassical, the lines are simple and elegant, without frills and ornaments excessive. The shape of the furniture is often more geometric, with straight lines and defined corners.

· Neutral colors and pastel shades: In style neoclassical, the colors used are often neutral, such as white, beige, gray and cream. However, it is common to also find pastel shades like light blue, pink or lilac, which give a touch of delicacy to the environment.

· Elegant materials: In stylish living rooms neoclassical, the materials used are of high quality and reflect the light in an elegant way. You can find furniture made of polished wood, marble, and glass metal, which add a touch of refinement to the decor.

· Symmetrical and proportionate details: As in classical style, even in neoclassical great importance is given to symmetry and to equilibrium. The furnishings are arranged in an orderly manner, with attention particular to the proportions and harmony of the environment.

· Simple decorative elements: Nel neoclassicism, the decorative elements are often more sober than the classic style. You can find details such as columns, capitals, frames decorations and mouldings, which recall classical architecture, but without ornamental excesses.

The Differences between Classical and Neoclassical Style

Although classical and neoclassical styles have roots common in ancient art and architecture, they have differences significant. Here are some of the major design divergences of the living room furniture in the two styles:

· Ornamentation: The classic style stands out for its rich ornamentation, with sculpted details, inlays and decorations elaborate. On the contrary, the neoclassical style tends to favor longer lines clean and simple, reducing the use of excessive ornamentation.

· Shapes and lines: In the classic, the shapes of the furniture they are often more sinuous and rounded, while in neoclassical they are preferred straighter and more geometric lines.

· Colors: The classic style uses shades warm and rich, while neoclassical focuses on neutral and pastel colors, creating a lighter and more delicate atmosphere.

· Materials: Both styles use high quality materials, but the classic prefers fine wood, while neoclassical can include a greater variety of materials such as marble, glass and metal.

· Atmosphere: The classic style living room offers a more sumptuous and opulent atmosphere, while the one in neoclassical style tends to be more sober and elegant, with a touch of modernity.


In conclusion, the design of classic and neoclassical style living room furniture offers two approaches distinct, both characterized by elegance and refinement. The classic style is inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, with rich ornamentation, warm colors and curved furniture. On the contrary, the neoclassical style interprets more the classic elements are sober and modern, with clean lines, neutral colors and shapes geometric.

The choice between one style and another will depend on taste personal and the desired purpose for the stay. If you prefer a sumptuous and traditional atmosphere, the classic style could be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more refined atmosphere and contemporary, neoclassical style could meet your needs.

In any case, both the classical and neoclassical styles require careful planning and the use of high-quality materials to create an elegant and harmonious environment. Collaborate with a designer expert interior designer can be of great help to achieve the result desired and ensure a harmonious design of the living room.

Ultimately, the choice between the classic and neoclassical style it will depend on personal tastes and individual preferences. Both of them styles offer an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance, each with their own distinguishing features. Regardless of the choice, let it be the style classic and neoclassical allow you to create a welcoming and welcoming space of great charm for the living room, where you can spend pleasant moments and welcome guests with style.


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