Progettazione dell'arredamento della casa al mare

Furnishing design for the beach house

The sea exerts an irresistible fascination on many people. The long golden sand beaches, the crystal clear waters and the salty breeze they are elements that evoke relaxation and tranquility. Owning a beach house is the dream of many, a place to escape from the daily routine and enjoy moments of pure pleasure. But how to carry out the design of furnishing the house by the sea ? In this article we will explore the best design strategies to create a welcoming and functional environment, perfect for spending summer holidays.

Choice of materials

When it comes to home furnishing design house by the sea , it is essential to make a careful choice of materials. Given the marine environment, subject to humidity and saltiness, is advisable to opt for resistant and easy to clean materials. For floors, for example, yes they can consider ceramic tiles or treated wood, both very long-lasting and suitable to withstand environmental conditions. For the fabrics of curtains, cushions and sofas, it is preferable to opt for materials waterproof and UV resistant, so you can leave them outdoors without worries.

Colors and styles

The colors and styles used for the design of the furnishings of the beach house should recall nature surrounding and create a relaxing atmosphere. Shades can be adopted neutrals such as white, beige and gray for the walls, so amplify the sensation of brightness and freshness. For details and accessories, you can instead insert bright colors inspired by the sea, such as turquoise, blue and aqua green. Regarding the style, you can opt for a nautical style furnishings, with details such as blue and white stripes, shells and light fabrics.

Organization of spaces

The planning of the furnishing of the spaces inside the beach house must be studied carefully to ensure maximum functionality. Since houses often al sea ​​are small in size, it is necessary to exploit every centimeter a intelligently arranged. It is advisable to use furniture multifunctional, such as sofas with internal containers or extendable tables, which allow you to optimize space. Furthermore, it is important to create areas well defined within the home, for example a living area, a dining area and an outdoor relaxation area, in order to make the rooms more organized and welcoming.

Furnishings and accessories

Furnishings and accessories are key elements to create the desired atmosphere inside the beach house. You can use rattan or light wood furniture, which integrates perfectly with the marine environment. Outdoor chairs and tables must be durable and easy to clean, so you can use them without worries. To create a relaxing and informal atmosphere, you can include hammocks, swings and colorful cushions. Furthermore, it is possible to decorate the house with marine objects such as shells, starfish and paintings depicting the sea.

Outdoor spaces

One of the main advantages of a house by the sea is the presence of external spaces, such as gardens, terraces or balconies, which allow you to fully enjoy the outdoors and marine climate. It is also important to furnish these spaces in a functional and welcoming way. Chairs can be inserted deckchairs, umbrellas and hammocks to create outdoor relaxation areas. Furthermore, it is It is possible to place a table and chairs to organize lunches and dinners outdoors, making the most of the summer climate. The use of plants and flowers colored will help make outdoor spaces even more pleasant and inviting.

Maintenance and care

Finally, it is important to take into consideration the maintenance and care of the furnishings of the beach house. Given the environment saline, it is advisable to regularly clean the furniture and the fabrics to avoid accumulations of salt. Furthermore, it is essential to protect furnishings from intense sunlight using curtains or awnings. Yes recommends periodically checking the condition of the materials and furnishings, replacing any damaged or worn ones if necessary.


The design of the furnishings of the beach house requires attention to detail and a careful choice of materials and materials styles. Choose the right colors, organize spaces in a functional way and selecting the right furnishings and accessories will help create an environment welcoming and pleasant, perfect for spending moments of relaxation and fun. Always remember to also consider maintenance and care of the furniture to preserve its beauty over time. A house by the sea well designed and furnished it will become the ideal place to regenerate and enjoy full of summer holidays.


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