Progettazione di arredo con libreria a tutta parete

Furnishing design with full-wall bookcase

The planning of furniture is a fundamental element for creating a functional space and aesthetically pleasing in any environment. Among the different solutions available, the full-wall bookcase represents a versatile and convenient option great visual impact. In this article, we will explore the features and advantages in furniture design with a full-wall bookcase .

Features of the full-wall bookcase

The full-wall bookcase is an extending structure the entire length of a wall, often from floor to ceiling. This type of bookcase offers a number of unique advantages that distinguish it from smaller traditional bookshops. Here are some of its main ones characteristics:

· Maximum storage capacity: One library full wall offers a huge amount of space for storing books, objects decorative, collections and more. Thanks to its vertical extension, allows you to make the most of the height of the room, optimizing the available space.

· High visual impact: The entire bookcase wall becomes a furnishing design element in its own right. His presence It dominates the room, drawing attention and creating a focal point visually captivating. It can transform an anonymous environment into an elegant space and sophisticated.

· Versatility: A full-wall bookcase can be customized to suit everyone's needs and style individual. The shelves can be adjustable in height and width, allowing you to organize items by size and size personal preferences. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate other elements such as desks, reading areas or spaces for television, thus creating an environment multifunctional.

· Functionality: In addition to being an element aesthetic, a full-wall bookcase also offers practical functionality. The Open shelves allow you to have easy access to books and objects exposed, facilitating their consultation and organization. Furthermore, it is You can add doors or drawers to hide less decorative items or to protect books and collections from dust.

Advantages of the full-wall bookcase in furnishing design

The inclusion of a full-wall bookcase in the Furnishing design offers numerous advantages both from the point of view practical and aesthetic. Here are some of the main benefits:

· Space maximization: A bookcase a entire wall allows you to make the most of the vertical space of a room, while freeing the floor from other furnishing elements. This is particularly advantageous in environments with small sizes, where space optimization is fundamental.

· Organization and order: Thanks to yours storage capacity, the full-wall bookcase allows you to organize books, documents and objects efficiently. This makes it easier to search and consultation of specific materials, helping to maintain order and cleanliness of the environment.

· Display of decorative objects: In addition to books, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase offers an ideal space for displaying items decorative such as photographs, sculptures, plants and souvenirs. These elements they add personality and character to the room, transforming it into a space unique and welcoming.

· Creating a personal library: One Full-wall bookcase allows you to always have a large collection of books handy. This encourages the creation of a personal library, offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and culture directly from your living room or office.

· Custom Design: The design of furniture with a full-wall bookcase can be made to measure to adapt to the style and needs of each individual. It's possible choose materials, colors and finishes that integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture, creating a coherent and refined environment.

Surrounding furniture

Furnishing design with a full bookcase wall , with its imposing presence and its ability to capture attention, requires surrounding furnishings that enhance its characteristics and contributes to creating a harmonious environment. Here are some suggestions on how to match the surrounding furniture to the entire bookcase wall:

· Choose complementary furniture: To create a balanced composition, it is important to select furniture that harmonizes with the style and materials of the full-wall bookcase. For example, if the bookcase is made of solid wood, it is possible to opt for a table dining room or a wooden desk with the same type of finish. In this way, a visual link is created between the different furnishing elements.

· Pay attention to colors: The colors of the walls and of the surrounding furniture must be carefully chosen to enhance the full-wall bookcase. If the bookcase is light in color, you can opt for walls in neutral or pastel shades to create a bright and refined. On the contrary, if the bookcase is dark in color, it is possible use brighter or contrasting colors to create a strong effect visual impact.

· Create a reading area: A whole library wall offers the opportunity to create an area dedicated to reading and relaxation. You can place a comfortable armchair, an ottoman or a chair next to it bookcase, adding a reading lamp and a small table for place books or cups of tea. This space becomes an oasis of tranquility inside the room, inviting reading and rest.

· Add stationery: In addition to books, the full-wall bookcase can be enriched with decorative elements such as vases with fresh flowers, photo frames or sculptures. Place these objects on the shelves or on shelves integrated into the bookcase helps to create a welcoming and personalized environment.

· Adequate lighting: It is essential to ensure adequate lighting to highlight the full-wall bookcase e the objects on display. You can use recessed spotlights in the ceiling or direct lights on the shelves to highlight the different areas of the bookcase. Also, a floor or table lamp placed near the area of reading helps to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.


Furnishing design with a full bookcase wall is an element of great impact in design. With its ability to storage, its visual impact and its versatility, represents a ideal choice to create a functional space and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. The surrounding furniture must be carefully selected to enhance the full-wall bookcase and create an environment harmonious. Choosing complementary furniture, taking care of the colors, creating an area reading, adding decorative elements and ensuring lighting adequate, you can create a unique and welcoming environment in which the design of furniture with a full-wall bookcase becomes the focal point undisputed.


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