Progettazione di un arredo salvaspazio per la cameretta

Designing space-saving furniture for the bedroom

The children's bedroom is a vital space for them development and their creativity. However, it can be a real nightmare for parents try to include all the necessary furniture without make the environment heavier and still leave enough space to play and store the essentials. Luckily, with a little planning of intelligent furnishings and space-saving solutions, it is possible to optimize the bedroom space and create a welcoming and functional environment for the most little ones.

Needs analysis

Before starting the design of a furniture space saver for the bedroom , it is important to understand the needs specific to the child. Make a list of all the essential items that must be present in the room, such as the bed, storage space clothes, a desk for studying and a play area. Also observe the the child's favorite objects and toys and consider the way in which he interacts with them. This information will be crucial to create an environment that suits his daily activities.

Use multifunctional furniture

An effective way to save space is to use furniture multifunctional. For example, a bunk bed with a wardrobe or a desk integrated under the bed can be an ideal solution. This allows you to take advantage of the vertical space of the room and leave more space available for other activities. Another example of multifunctional furniture is drawers pull out under the bed, which can be used for storage toys, clothes or linens.

Optimize vertical space

When space is limited, it is important to also take advantage of the vertical walls. Hang shelves or modular cubes on the walls to create space Additional for storing books, toys or decorative items. The furniture a wall such as shelves or hanging cabinets can help make use of the height of the room without taking up floor space. Make sure you fasten these items correctly to ensure the safety of children.

Make use of the space under the bed

The space under the bed is often overlooked, but it can be a precious resource in the design of space-saving furniture for the bedroom . Use plastic containers or storage boxes underneath the bed to store items such as off-season clothes, toys or linen. You can also find beds with drawers integrated into the structure, which offer a practical solution for storing objects without taking up space additional in the room.

Organize your closet efficiently

A well-organized closet can help maximize it space in the bedroom. Use closet or shelf organizers to divide and organize clothing. Use hooks or coat hangers to hang smaller clothes, such as shirts or skirts, thus saving space in shelves. Also consider using vacuum bags to compress clothes out of season or linen to optimize the available space.

Create multifunctional areas

In a small bedroom, create different zones multifunctional can be a smart way to make the most of it Free space. For example, you can create a study corner that transforms in a play area simply by moving some objects. Use carpets or dividers to separate the different areas, thus creating a visual division without having to build physical walls.

Minimizes clutter

Finally, minimize clutter in your bedroom. Remove non-essential items and limit the number of toys and decorations present. Use hidden storage solutions such as cabinets with drawers retractable or foldable worktops that can be folded when they are not used. Keep your bedroom clean and well organized for maximize available space and create a peaceful environment and welcoming.


The design of space-saving furniture for the bedroom requires a little planning and creativity, but the results they can be extraordinary. Taking advantage of multifunctional furniture, optimizing it vertical space, using the underbed and creating multifunctional areas, is It is possible to place all the necessary furniture in the children's bedroom without giving up space to play and store the essentials. Remember to involve the child in the design process, so that he feels an integral part of its environment and has a space that reflects its own needs and his personality.


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