Progettazione di una cucina con isola

Design of a kitchen with island

The kitchen is the heart of every home, the place where you they prepare delicious meals and share special moments with family and friends. In recent years, the design of a kitchen with an island is become increasingly popular. The island offers a central area dedicated to food preparation, social interaction and space organisation of work. In this article, we will explore how to make the design happen of furniture of this type and the most relevant characteristics from consider.

Space and dimensions

Designing a kitchen with an island requires one adequate space to ensure functionality and easy circulation. Before of everything, carefully measure your kitchen and make sure you have enough space to place the island without creating obstacles. Consider the dimensions of the island in relation to the other components of the kitchen, such as the cabinets, appliances and worktops.

Choice of material and style

When designing a kitchen with an island, the choice of material and style of the island is essential to create an environment coherent and captivating. You can opt for materials such as wood, marble, stainless steel or quartz, depending on your personal taste and rest of the kitchen furnishings. Choose a style that fits the design general of your home, whether modern, classic or rustic.

Functionality and layout

The kitchen island can serve several functions, therefore It is important to consider how you will use it in your daily routine. If you need additional space to prepare meals, you can install a worktop on the island. If you love cooking, you can place a griddle or hob on the island itself. Furthermore, you can integrate a sink or sink to simplify cleaning tasks and wash.

Organization and storage

One of the most appreciated features of a kitchen with island is the ability to create additional storage space. You can install cabinets and drawers on the island to store pots, pans, tools and other everyday objects. The internal organization of Lockers can be customized to your needs, with dividers for baking trays, spice compartments or cutlery holders. Make sure you design the island in order to optimize space and make objects easily accessible necessary.

Lighting and ventilation

Lighting is a crucial aspect in design of a kitchen with island. Make sure you have good lighting general covering the entire kitchen area, including the island. You can use recessed lights on the ceiling or pendant lights above the island to create focused lighting on the work surface.

Additionally, it is important to consider ventilation inside of the kitchen. If you have a vent hood over the island, make sure it is positioned correctly to capture odors and smoke during cooking. Proper ventilation will ensure a clean and fresh kitchen environment.

Dining area and space to sit

If you have enough space, you can consider including it of a dining area on the island itself. You can install stools or high chairs around the island to create an informal area for quick meals or for entertain guests while cooking. Make sure you leave space enough to allow people to sit comfortably without obstructing work activities on the island.

Integrated household appliances

To optimize space and maintain a clean look and tidy, you can consider installing integrated appliances on the island. For example, you can incorporate an oven, a microwave or a refrigerator under the worktop. This will allow you to have the appliances within reach without interrupting the fluidity of the design of the kitchen.


Designing a kitchen with an island can transform the look and functionality of a kitchen space. The choice of material and style, along with adequate space planning and to the inclusion of essential features, such as organization, the lighting and the dining area are fundamental to creating a kitchen with captivating and functional island. Take the time to plan every detail carefully and consult a design expert interiors, if necessary, to create the kitchen of your dreams.


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