Progettazione per l'Arredo della Taverna

Design for the Tavern Furnishings

The tavern is a unique environment in the house, which offers many creative possibilities for furnishing. Whether you're looking to create one welcoming space for entertaining friends, a private studio for working or simply a refuge to relax, furnish the tavern correctly can make a difference. In this article, we will explore some ideas and tips on how to create a furnishing design for the tavern functional, aesthetic and reflects your personal style.

Space Analysis

Before starting a furnishing design of the tavern , it is important to analyze the available space and consider its characteristics. Measure the dimensions of the room, identify any architectural limitations such as columns or irregular walls and evaluate the presence of windows or sources of natural light. This information will give you they will help plan the layout and select the most furniture and accessories suitable.

Choice of Style

The tavern can be furnished in many different styles, a depending on your personal preferences and the use you want to make of it. Someone Popular options include:

· Rustic Style: A warm and welcoming atmosphere characterized by solid wood furniture, brick or wood floors and decorative details such as exposed beams or fireplaces.

· Modern Style: A clean and minimalist style, with simple lines and contemporary materials such as glass, metal and concrete. Colors neutrals and sophisticated lighting are often used to create an elegant atmosphere.

· Industrial Style: A bold and stylish option trend, characterized by rough elements such as exposed bricks, pipes metallics, vintage furniture and industrial pendant lamps.

· Vintage Style: A retro and nostalgic atmosphere, with antique furniture or vintage reproductions, wallpaper with a classic design and accessories that recall a bygone era.

The Layout and Furniture

Once you've chosen a style, it's important to plan the layout of the tavern carefully. Consider the use you will make of the space and arrange furniture accordingly. Here are some ideas for furniture and layout:

· Entertainment Area: If your tavern will be one space to entertain friends, create an area dedicated to fun. You can include a pool table, poker table or wet bar with high stools. Add a relaxation area with comfortable sofas and armchairs to create a welcoming environment.

· Study or Work Area: If you are looking for a quiet space to work or study, make sure you have a functional desk and an ergonomic chair. Add bookcases or shelves to organize books and work materials. Also consider adequate lighting, with strategically placed table or floor lamps.

· Relaxation Area: If instead you want a tavern like refuge to relax, create an area dedicated to relaxation. A comfortable sofa or a chaise longues with a coffee table are perfect for enjoying a good book or watch a movie. You can add a media wall with a TV screen and sound system for a complete entertainment experience.

The Details that Make the Difference

In addition to the main furniture, do not forget to lend attention to details that can make the design of the furnishings of your unique and personalized tavern. Here are some suggestions:

· Lighting: Lighting plays a role fundamental in the atmosphere of the tavern. Use a combination of general lighting, such as spotlights or ceiling lights, and accent lighting, as table lamps or wall sconces, to create various atmospheres. Also consider using hidden LED lights to highlight details architectural or decorative elements.

· The Colors: The choice of colors has an impact on the overall appearance of the tavern. Warm, earthy colors like brown, beige or olive green can create a cozy atmosphere. Cooler colors such as grey, blue or white can give a more modern and clean look. You choose colors that match the style you choose and the feel you want obtain.

· Decorative Elements: Finally, add elements decorative to further personalize the space. Paintings, mirrors, carpets, curtains and cushions can help create a unique atmosphere and reflect your personal tastes. Remember to balance decorative items so as not to take up too much space.


Furnishing a tavern is an opportunity to create a space special inside your home. Choosing the right style, planning carefully layout and pay attention to detail, you can create a environment that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and in line with yours personal taste. Remember to adapt the furniture to your needs and have fun in the creative process. Good furniture design Tavern !


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