Tante idee per l'arredamento del soggiorno

Lots of ideas for living room furnishings

Lots of ideas for living room furnishings

Habits and life have changed a lot in the last 30 years and consequently our homes have changed. The first thing that has certainly changed is the structure of Italian families , with a smaller number of people and with a greater number of childless couples and singles and above all with an average income that is more precarious and less secure than before.

This has changed the type of houses most sold and has reduced the average surface area of ​​a house from 100 m2 a few years ago to 70 m2. of now and has changed the layout of the various rooms in the house.

For example, the kitchen is an environment that has undergone a strong transformation, starting from the small kitchenettes or kitchenettes of the 70s and 80s to transform into more comfortable environments in the 90s and 00s. Obviously, since the average square meters of houses have been reduced, some other rooms will have undergone an opposite transformation, seeing their volume significantly reduced.

The room that has undergone the most significant reduction is certainly the living room , which came from a very different trend just a few years ago. Taking inspiration from the large rooms of the 19th century, the living rooms were often even "double" spaces with large sizes and accompanied by entrances and antechambers .

This transformation has also brought about a profound metamorphosis of the furnishings present in this room, with the tendency towards furniture that is much lighter to the eye, brighter and more suitable for smaller spaces.

In this article we want to help you furnish your living room with useful ideas and advice for new purchases or simply to change a bit.

Let's analyze the environment and its measures

Given the reduction in surface areas and the need for light and functional spaces, the fundamental rule for your living room is to have the maximum result with little space and making everything more comfortable.

In fact, in this environment, we not only have to make design choices but make it a functional room, which can transform itself during the day depending on what we need. It can be the place for our smart working and then, once work is finished, we can relax with a reading corner or a place to do fitness exercises at home.

To become a multifaceted environment, without too much stress in moving furniture or other furnishings, it must come from a design made with precision, taking into account all the details. We must not only stick to numbers and distances but thoroughly analyze the room and carry out careful work.

For the technical analysis, the revelation of the measurements and related planning we can be supported by some professionals, such as surveyors or architects or interior designers , who will be able to give us the right advice.

We give importance to lighting

We have already seen, in this blog, how essential it is to have perfect lighting for our needs. Not designing it or thinking that a simple chandelier above the ceiling is enough to illuminate our environment is a huge mistake.

Sometimes, the lighting itself will be able to outline some corners of our living room , giving it a different atmosphere depending on the time of day.

Even if it is a place we live mainly during the day, the advice is to understand which functions to give to each corner and each wall and prepare the corresponding lamp. In the TV area , we will think of soft and dimmable lights to improve vision and not strain our eyes, while near the sofa where we read we can think of a plant with direct light so as not to miss a single word of our book.

We place everything in the right place

Especially if we can have a totally separate environment, this environment will become a place exclusively for relaxation and sharing with our friends.

For the furnishing of the living room , it will therefore be essential to think about many different seats, which are arranged in such a way as to encourage conversation, but which can also become a more intimate place to watch TV together with the family.

For this reason it is essential to think about a good positioning of the furniture but also to think about the transformation of the environment from one situation to another.


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