Tavoli tondi o rettangolari per la tua sala da pranzo? Qual è meglio?

Round or rectangular tables for your dining room? Which is better?

Choosing a dining table is one of the biggest decisions important things that you need to take when furnishing your dining room. A table round is larger and can have a higher quality appearance, while a Rectangular table offers more seating and leaves more free space. But what will be best for you? Here are some thoughts on how to decide between the two.

Pros and Cons of Round Tables

The first advantage of using a round table is that it has an elegant design and is large enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably. Also, since there is no corner in the center of the table, everyone can talk easily without having to shout across each other half the group. However, a round table can be difficult to integrate into most decor styles and tends to take up a lot of space as it doesn't fit against walls like a rectangular table would.

Furthermore, if you want to furnish the room with small chairs, it may be difficult to find the right dimensions to fit them around the edge of your round table.

Round tables are often ideal for families with small children, as they offer greater freedom of movement than rectangular models. The absence of corners also means you can exploit maximize the space available in the room without worrying about groping and accidents. Due to the curved shape, round tables can be very pleasing to the eyes and add character to the room; however, there is less space on the table top compared to the rectangular one. If you need seating for many people, you should opt for a rectangular model larger one that provides more workstations.

Pros and Cons of Rectangular Tables

One of the biggest advantages of using a table rectangular is that it offers a lot of space with as few as possible people around the edge. If you need more seating but don't have much space available, then this option is for you! Also, the furniture rectangular easily adapt to most styles and are relatively simple to match chairs in diversified models.

If the comfort of space is your top priority, then opt for a rectangular model. Straight tables have more usable surface area compared to circular ones, which means there is enough space even if you host a lot of people around the table in the course of the evening. However, there may not be the same level of harmony aesthetic as it will not have a curved appearance like circular coffee tables - but it will always be possible to decorate it with elegant tablecloths and accessories suited to the theme general of the dining room to create the desired atmosphere! Another advantage of using a table rectangular is that you can easily get around it with the trolley lunch box without bumping into corners as happens with round and oval models.

However, the main drawback of using a table rectangular is that it tends to cut off conversations between diners in two separate small groups - especially if the size is not enough long!


When you have to decide between a round or rectangular table for your dining room, it depends on your personal style and needs room specifications. If you want something delicate and elegant, opt for it certainly for the classic circular design; if you prefer something that offers more space and seating, opt for the ultra-modern design rectangular! Regardless of the shape you choose, make sure it fits to your dining room also in terms of sizing without compromising comfort and aesthetics!

When choosing between typical table designs round or rectangular , it all depends on your personalized preferences specific needs of the owner. Fortunately, a lot of furniture is available in both forms so anyone can find something that have the right style for the intention! In conclusion, remember that while i Circular models are suitable for minimalist and industrial environments rectangular ones satisfy traditional and modern enthusiasms above all when we talk about furniture for kitchens and living rooms!


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