Progetto di arredo per la cabina armadio

Furnishing project for the walk-in closet

The walk-in closet is a fundamental space in a home modern, where organization and aesthetics come together to create an environment functional and welcoming. A furnishing project for the walk-in closet well thought out can transform a room into an elegant and practical space, which reflects the owner's personal taste and style.

In the following article, we will explore the different aspects from consider when designing a walk-in closet, from the dimensions and the arrangement of the elements to the intelligent use of space, lighting, materials and internal organisation.

Dimensions and layout

The first phase of a cabin furnishing project wardrobe is the definition of the dimensions and arrangement of the elements. The walk-in closet should be designed to take advantage of the the space available is better. If possible, it would be ideal to have a cabin wardrobe separate from the bedroom, but also a space inside the room can be organized efficiently.

Ideal size

The ideal dimensions of a walk-in closet depend on the the owner's personal needs and preferences. However, it is important ensure that there is enough space to hold all clothes, clothes shoes and accessories, without appearing crowded or disorganized. A cabin Medium-sized wardrobe should be at least 1.8 meters wide and a depth of approximately 2.5 metres. However, if space permits, it is it is advisable to opt for more generous dimensions to create an environment luxurious and comfortable.

Arrangement of elements

The arrangement of the elements inside the walk-in closet is a critical aspect to consider. Closets and shelving should be strategically placed for easy access and organization of clothing. The use of modular furniture is an intelligent solution as it allows you to customize the arrangement of the elements according to individual needs.


Lighting is a fundamental element in design of the furnishings of a walk-in closet. Good lighting can do the trick difference between a functional environment and an oppressive one.

Natural light

If possible, try to make the most of the light natural, placing windows or skylights in the walk-in closet. The light of sun gives a bright atmosphere and favors the selection of clothes, allowing you to accurately evaluate the colors and details of the clothes.

Artificial light

Artificial lighting is essential to ensure a well-lit environment even during the evening hours or in low light natural. Different lighting sources can be used, such as spotlights, ceiling lights, LED strips and table lamps. A popular solution is LED lighting, which offers bright and energetic light efficient.

Materials and finishes

The choice of materials and finishes is another aspect important to consider during your cabin furnishing project Wardrobe . Materials should be selected not only for their appearance aesthetic but also for their durability and ease of maintenance.


Wood is a classic choice for cabin furniture Wardrobe. It adds warmth and elegance to the environment. It can be used to create wardrobes, shelves and drawers. The different wood essences They offer a wide range of colors and styles to match any decor.


Glass is a transparent material that can be used for wardrobe doors or to create dividing panels. The use of glass gives a touch of modernity to the walk-in closet and allows to see the contents of the wardrobes without having to open the doors.


Metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum, can be used for support elements or cabin accessories Wardrobe. They give an industrial and contemporary look to the environment.


Finishes, such as paints and coatings, are important to protect and decorate furniture. Matte paints are ideal for creating an elegant and refined atmosphere, while the glossy paints reflect the light, adding brightness to the environment. Coverings such as leather or velvet they can be used to cover the internal panels of wardrobes, adding a touch of luxury.

Internal organisation

A furnishing project for the walk-in closet must put internal organization at the centre. A well organized layout allows you to maximize the available space and makes it easier to find and keep clothes and accessories in order.

Cabinets and shelves

Cabinets and shelving should be designed in to make the most of the vertical space. The adjustable shelves they allow you to adapt the spaces to the different sizes of clothes and clothes accessories. The clothes rails can be positioned at different heights for hanging long or short clothes.

Drawers and containers

The drawers are perfect for storing underwear, socks, belts and accessories. Use separators or dividers in drawers to keep items well organized and easily accessible. The containers they can be used to store larger accessories or to store clothing of off-season clothing.

Mirrors and testing areas

Mirrors are indispensable elements in a cabin Wardrobe. Place full-length mirrors or magnifying mirrors for evaluate the clothes worn. If space allows, you can create an area dedicated to dress fittings, with a stool or armchair for facilitate the change.

Additional accessories

In addition to the essentials, you can add accessories additional items to personalize your walk-in closet. Clothes hanger for ties, pull-out jewelry box, mirrors with built-in lights or a stool padded are just some ideas to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the your space.


A furnishing project for the walk-in closet is an opportunity to create a personalized and functional space, in which organization and elegance blend harmoniously. From the size and the arrangement of elements to lighting, materials and organization inside, every detail counts to create an environment that reflects yours style and meet your daily needs.

Do not hesitate to consult an industry professional or a interior designer to get personalized advice and create the cabin wardrobe of your dreams. With a well-structured project and care particular for details, you can transform a simple walk-in closet into a space of luxury and functionality, in which to organize and display with pride your collection of clothes and accessories.


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