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Evolving furniture: new trends


  • Main trends of the modern furniture market
  • TOP 7 current furniture trends

What are the latest furniture trends and how do we apply them to your furniture - the topic is very interesting!
We monitor the latest trends in the furniture and design industry, then choose those ways and options to improve our products that help the customer receive always up-to-date and high-quality furniture.

It's no secret: the key to any interior design is well-chosen and harmoniously arranged furniture in the environment.
We have selected for you some news from the world of high-end furniture.

Main trends of the modern furniture market

It's interesting to see how furniture fashion changes. In recent years, styles and trends have been replaced and mixed more than once, and new ones have appeared.

Furnishing trends 2023

There is always room for intrigue in the furniture market: little-known manufacturers can suddenly occupy the top positions in the ranking and become trendsetters in furniture fashion, and well-known companies, on the contrary, go into oblivion. Thanks to competition, new furnishing ideas and trends arise.

Progressive trends influence furniture fashion: it is difficult to keep up with the latest trends.
In certain periods, some special novelties arise in terms of furniture, to which preference is given. For example, recently there has been a trend in kitchen furniture with a predominance of solid lines and clear edges, while round shapes and other ornaments, popular until recently, have lost their relevance, appearing outdated.

1. Color trends from previous seasons are also relevant in 2023

Industry experts say that the trendy fabric colors are:

  • Red and blue shades, used to obtain effects and shadows to create pleasant shades (a style that we can define as tending towards urban);
  • The indigo palette, which fits perfectly into the aesthetics of simplicity and adapts to multiple styles;
  • A range of green shades that bring people closer to nature (giving a feeling of safety from the ubiquitous industrial landscapes);
  • The pink/reddish shade “honeysuckle” attracts attention in any interior and is able to prepare a person for a more positive worldview (thanks to such color accents, dynamics appear in space);
  • “Old pink” is a relaxing shade that fills the room with harmony and tenderness;
  • The yellow and gold toned palette adds a touch of whimsy to the decor;
  • The mustard color, with its warm tones, envelops the house in its harmony, giving a feeling of warmth and peace;
  • The mysterious shade of “Marsala” is synonymous with respectability (it gives the interior solidity and comfort at the same time).

2. Latest trends in furniture design

Among the latest global design trends is the visual compactness of space. It is achieved thanks to the correct arrangement of well-chosen furniture and gives a feeling of comfort.

compact design trend 2023

Multifunctionality is one of the main fashion trends. Professionals who follow the latest furniture trends and know how to apply them are able to create a comfortable environment with the potential of transformation in a small area - with the help of sectional sofas, folding tables for different purposes, practical folding beds and hidden kitchens.

Another current trend in the field of furniture is individuality: high-quality interior items are made to order and meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.

Modern design solutions allow you to advantageously use in the interior:

  • sculptural and modular furniture;
  • roof rack with original design and shape;
  • wardrobes, chests of drawers, tables, etc. polished;
  • champions of furniture techno-craftsmanship.

Thanks to these elements, the design of any room can look fresh, welcoming and practical.

3. What are the latest furniture trends used in popular styles

In 2023, interior designers prefer minimalism: styles close to the idea of ​​laconicism are relevant:

  • the loft, with its accentuated simplicity and cheap furniture, is gaining more and more sympathy, one of its features is unpretentious metal parts in interior objects;
  • high technology also tends to make a choice in favor of simplicity, to use discreet colors in furniture and to use metal, glass and plastic as the main materials; the best style solutions are represented by practical options for transformable objects with different functions;
  • eco-style brings a person closer to nature, helps to satisfy the desire for natural materials that revive the environment, make it harmonious and of good quality;
  • the Scandinavian style is that of those who love to combine cold tones with rich shades of yellow; furniture with wooden and leather elements fits perfectly into it.

popular furniture design

Such style solutions, popular in recent seasons, most likely will not lose their leading position in the future.

4. What materials are used in furniture that correspond to the latest trends

Quality and naturalness - this is what designers focus on in 2023. Among current materials for furniture production there is no place for fakes and replicas. Expensive textures are trending.

furniture textures

For those who follow the furniture fashion, you can easily buy things from:

  • natural wood;
  • stone (granite, marble, etc.);
  • glass;
  • metal.

Recently, leather, silk, linen and cotton have become leaders among finishing materials. Just like natural wood. You can use it without fear of overdoing it.

TOP 7 current furniture trends

So, you plan to visit a furniture store and you want to know: what are the latest furniture trends and how they are applied (the latest colors, trendy coverings, the best materials). We have made a selection of the most interesting trends that will help you update your interior, making it elegant and comfortable.


goose foot

The now tried and tested houndstooth is a print synonymous with elegance. Despite the fact that this strict black and white (houndstooth) model became popular more than half a century ago (with the light hand of Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn), today it is again in fashion. Designers willingly use "houndstooth" in furniture upholstery - this is an excellent style solution for monochrome interiors in the spirit of minimalism.


What is the secret to the cell's popularity? Why is an interior with this neat print so attractive? The answer is simple: a room in the design of which a checkered pattern is used is perceived as harmonious. Checkered furniture has a calming effect on the psyche, looks reliable and of good quality and makes the atmosphere solid and respectable.

Geometric shapes

trendy geometric shapes

Interior fashion favors furniture with geometric shapes. This is explained by the same convenience and versatility: such furniture can be placed in a room of any size and style. But the most suitable environment for geometry will be modernity and eclecticism, thanks to their versatility and the variety of shapes used in them.

Classic black

trendy black

The latest furnishing trends do not forget the black classics. This universal, deep and practical color always attracts attention. Black furniture is considered solid and elegant, thanks to it a special shine appears in the interior. Another advantage of dark objects: they seem smaller than their actual size, which is why such furniture is often used to decorate modest-sized rooms.

Home office instead of an office

In modern realities, offices with bulky tables, armchairs and secretaries are losing their place, giving way to the primacy of light and functional furniture, easy to place even in a small apartment. A mobile and compact workspace that can be easily created in any limited space is a trend that furniture designers are using successfully.

Variety of colors and shapes

This year's fashion trends in furniture design can be called anything but boring. The latest collections from leading brands indicate that bright colors and their combinations are trendy. Designers boldly use pink shades, combining them with French gray. African, Indian and other ethnic models are also relevant. All this rich variety does not contradict the main trend - practicality (bright furniture should not only decorate, but also save space).

High quality imitations

The natural materials used in the manufacture of furniture make the interior unique. But not everyone can afford such exclusivity. Furniture designers decided to help cope with this problem: they invented successful imitations of leather, wood, expensive fabrics and bronze, which can be used as an alternative to natural materials. Externally, things with an imitation of expensive natural finishes are almost no different from the originals - they are so well made.


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