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Loire mattress

Loire mattress

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Loira independent spring mattress

Loira mattress with 800 independent memory and water foam springs

The lining is completely removable and made with SILVER X-Static®, a high performance fiber composed of pure silver and textile fibers joined permanently. This material has notable characteristics:

  • Antimicrobial Effectiveness : Rapidly eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in less than an hour of exposure, helping to maintain a hygienic surface.

  • Catalyzation : Works optimally in hot and humid environments, ensuring comfort in different climatic conditions.

  • Safety and naturalness : Since it is based on pure silver, a natural element, it is safe for the body and the environment, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Antistatic : It has a high electrical conduction capacity, meaning the fabric remains free of electrostatic charges, improving comfort and practicality.

Furthermore, the lining offers breathability thanks to the padding in high-quality heat-bonded natural fibres, which do not retain moisture and ensure a dry environment.
The 3D System, positioned along the entire perimeter, promotes continuous air recycling, improving air circulation and comfort.
Finally, the covering is completely hypoallergenic and offers protection against mites, ensuring an ideal solution for anyone who wants a hygienic and comfortable environment.

Among the most relevant features we can find:

  • 4 cm Memory Waterlilly® (winter side);
  • White felt 1400 g/m²;
  • 800 Pocket Springs;
  • Water Foam (summer side).

The internal structure of the Loira mattress is composed of:

  • Surface layer (winter side) in high-density Waterlilly® Memory , which ensures high comfort and retains its elasticity and original shape even after several years of use;
  • Special insulating felts, in cotton and polyester, which separate the core of the mattress from the surface layers, protecting the spring and prolonging its functionality over time;
  • A structure of 800 independent springs with 7 zones of differentiated lift , for balanced support of the various parts of the body;
  • Surface layer (summer side) in Water Foam , a high-density water-based, open-cell foam, highly breathable and capable of providing ergonomic support.

On a firmness scale this mattress is defined as Medium, with a total height of 25 cm.

Measurement: 80 x 190 cm.

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