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Ettore table

Ettore table

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Ettore table

Sculptural, symbolic, bold: the table was born from the desire to play by ironically assembling three classic, primary and geometric elements. Ettore is a tribute to the master Ettore Sottsass, a visionary researcher of a design that surpasses traditional aesthetic canons, goes beyond ornament and embraces emotional, social as well as aesthetic experimentation. The Ettore table was created with the intention of paying tribute to this philosophy and with the intention of aggregating, surprising and stimulating. The central leg, with monumental dimensions, is lightened towards the base to suggest an ironic contrast between the parts and create an unexpected effect, which encourages the gaze to believe that it does not touch the ground. The game is emphasized by the material choices: the shiny metal of the plate that constitutes the base reflects the leg, producing the illusory impression that the table is suspended and poised. Returning to childhood, Calvi Brambilla was inspired by the playful principle of the Ercolino puppet always standing. The two designers were able to combine the idea of ​​the game with Pianca's vision, the bearer of an essential and elegant language, punctuated by selected materials and finishes.

Ettore table designed by Calvi Brambilla, winner of the Good Design Award 2017.

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